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Our Patties are hand made from scratch each day. We take great pride in all our products so we can provide the best quality each and every day.  Our main product are Jamaican Patties however, we also make a variety of other foods and sweets.  Drop by our store and check us out!

Weekly Specials

Chicken Roti - $9.25

Goat or Beef Roti - $10.50

Cocoa Bread and Patty - $3.25


"Makers of the best Jamaican Patties on the Island"


Customer Comments

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Sorry, we do not accept credit cards nor Interac.  We only accept cash.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


Jamaican patties

Beef - Chicken - Vegetable

Cocoa bread

Jerk chicken



Chicken, goat or beef

“Best Jamaican place hands down! The jerk chicken is so good. The beef patties are my favourite and the coco bread is fantastic!!”

Gaby Spawner


“Love this place. There's often a lineup out the door. Always quick and delicious!”


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5312 Patricia Ave, (corner Chester, NDG)

Montreal, Quebec, H4V-1Z2

Tel.  514-483-2323

E-mail:  info@mrpatty.com

Facebook:  Mr Patty on Facebook